Welcome to my home of PictoPoetry!

This is a collection of poems that tell what they are about from what you immediately see!

I draw with words; creating pictures or silhouettes that depict the subjects of the poems. I call them “pictopoems”. Most are purely good fun, some are serious and some carry a warning to view with caution as the content is considered saucy or even rather rude!

Each poem is linked to a blog post which perhaps gives a clue as to what inspired me, also some sort of news or general information that in some way relates to the topic of the ode.

I could probably say more but mainly just wish to invite you to explore. You are welcome to comment on the poems or the blog posts or both and so please do as I would love to hear from you!

Lastly, this is a hobby for me and I sincerely hope you simply enjoy what you may read and see.


A swan
Warning Triangle
fearsome face
babydoll nightie
cup of steamy coffee
rocket blasting off

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