From Tchaikovsky to Tyrannosaurus Rex

From Tchaikovsky

Surprising as it may seem there is in fact a connection between the famous composer Tchaikovsky and Tyrannosaurus Rex, well there is for meĀ at least in respect of links to my poetry! Firstly, among the great works of Tchaikovsky is the wonderful music composed for the ballet Swan Lake, which just so happens to be the title of one of my pictopoems. Although my poem has nothing to do with ballet it was perhaps the grace and beauty of the ballet that prompted me to pick the title Swan Lake because I have always been fascinated by the graceful beauty of swans, which is what my poem is about.

Swan on Lake

And swans have feathers which brings me to the next link; feather boas. Yes I know feather boas are not made of feathers from swans but they are feathery nonetheless and I just so happen to have one in pink. And thinking of my pink feather boa makes me think of Marc Bolan who was pictured wearing one such colourful accessory in his heyday.

The sadly departed very talented Marc Bolan was of course the flamboyant frontman of the band T.Rex that had a string of hits in the 70’s including Ride a White Swan. Ahha we have reached the final link you might think. Well no not quite.

To Tyrannosaurus Rex

The last link in the chain is the fact that my favourite track by Marc Bolan is Debora, an early production from when his band was called Tyrannosaurus Rex. But going back to the swan theme, here is a rather unusual performance by Marc Bolan singing the Ride a White Swan song from the back of a rather peculiar pantomime-like prop of a swan!


  1. Debi Simpson says:

    my song!!! My dad bought a copy of it for me when I was a teeny tiny person!! xx

  2. Michael says:

    Jan, this made me think of this pink boa clip. Marc played a song and then gave Cilla the boa before singing Life’s A Gas with her. My first single I ever bought was Metal Guru from a record shop in Eltham.. I was 8 at the time! … and I still have Electric Warrior and the Slider in the loft. Wasn’t he a captivating human being, M x

  3. janorama says:

    Hey Michael, the site apparently blocks links from being inserted in comments but I can imagine the clip.. quite a strange duo though, Marc & Cilla! Yes I too have a collection of old vinyls gathering dust in my loft, including Electric Warrior. Ahh..those were the days.. Thanks a bunch for reading and leaving a comment xx

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