Dream Ice Cream


Dream Ice Cream

Soft drippy whippy white, Sharp citrus bright

Merry morello cherry, Succulent strawberry

Choc flake choc flake choc

Tangy tarty tutti-fruiti bits, Mouth watering green mint hits

Dark brown chocolate chip dream, Ice cream ice cream ice cream

Golden honey crunchy crumb cone, Munchy mellow yellow type tone

Baked biscuit delicious delight, Dare you to take a big bite

Mind melting drips, Sticky licking lips

Oh yum yummy, Slips in tummy

So cool sweet, Treat to eat


  1. martcol says:

    S’funny, but I fancy a creamy, whitecap right now!

  2. ashely says:

    a creative and fun visual for a ice-cream shape poem

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