Swan Lake

A swan

Head held high beak strong

Neck long

Neck long

Neck long

Neck long

Neck long neck

Domed arched back

Sometimes black

Mostly purley snowy white

What a wonderfully serene sight

Lifelong partner leads the way across the lake

A line of fluffy feathered cygnets follow in their wake

Majestic swans glide effortlessly thro’ the rippling sheen

Of water fowl undoubtedly the Pearly King and Queen

Behold in breathless awe, treasure evermore


  1. Martcol says:

    Great to see the poems stacking up! I’m checking this out on my iPhone in a cafe in Songapore: thinking of UK. This poem reminds me of Summer by an English river. Nice!

    • janorama says:

      Nice to know this reminded you of home while sipping coffee in a cafe in Singapore. This technology is amazing isn’t it? x

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