Steamy Creamy Coffee

cup of steamy coffee

Steamy Creamy

Frothy topped coffee so aromatically divine
Afternoon shoppers join the end of the line

Right time to relax sit down for a chit-chat
Boast bargain buys and talk this and that

Ponder on cheesecake or sticky iced bun
Stir in the sugar sweet fuel for next run

Silver spoon chink on white porcelain
Rested, re-energised, ready again

Catch an eye for the bill
Pay up at the till

Replace cup on saucer after draining last drip
Head for the exit leave the waitress a tip


  1. martcol says:

    Well, look at this. I really like this poem Janorama. It says a lot about a shopping trip. The coffee stop is always the best part.

    • janorama says:

      Thanks Martin. Yes well I’m not sure which gives me the greater ‘fix’…retail therapy or caffeine, so I play safe and go for both every time!

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