Fearsome Face

fearsome face

What kind of fool am I that lays awake in trembling fear

In dread of fumbling key that finds the lock

Door slams, stumbling footsteps staggering near

Furrowed angry brow intent on any row

Steely eyes cutting tool

Scathing lies hurting cruel

Vodka doubles mean troubles

Lips tight pursing frigging foulmouthed cursing

Digging accusations, spiteful spitting rage

Abusive blows go on rampage

Sorrow on the morrow

Too late this bird will find a kinder mate



  1. martcol says:

    That’s not just “Fearsome,” it’s awesome! I’m impressed that you can tackle serious issues with your Pictopoetry. Seems like it is a pretty rounded art form and not just for the fun stuff. I’m looking forward to seeing more.

    • janorama says:

      Thank you Martin. Yes I do find fun in creating these pictopoems and most of the topics and shapes are purely good fun! But I have also done quite a few, like this one, that show my serious side.

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