Cool Ice Cream and the Hot Love Theme



What on earth possessed me to do a pictopoem about ice cream and call it Dream Ice Cream is a bit of a mystery to me because I don’t much like ice cream let alone dream about it! And I’m not a lover of chocolate either. That said I can sometimes very occasionally be tempted to indulge in a treat of the two together. No not in a restaurant, not in a café and most certainly not in an ice cream parlour but only ever when I’m somewhere out there in the open air. Yes I can sometimes very occasionally be irresistibly drawn to the man in a van when overcome by an urge to must have a cone topped with that soft whipped white ice impaled with a stick of chocolate; commonly known as the 99. And that’s another mystery. I mean, why call an ice cream 99? Well, I am not the only person to have wondered that and if you have ever wondered about that too then here are some theories on the origin of the name.


I’m Gonna Love You Just a Little More Baby; Barry White at his sing it oh so sensual very best. Hot or what? Yes the longer the lingering the longer lasting the pleasure and therein lays the connection with the theme of ice cream. Yes indeed, after watching this commercial you may well need a huge tub of the stuff to cool you down, which is no doubt precisely what the advertisers intended!


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