Launched at Last: Watch out for the Blast!

Up in a Blaze

fireworks in the night sky

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We have LIFT OFF

Ready Steady Go Go Go PICTOPOETRY IS ON SHOW! Whoosh Bang Crackle Sizzle Pop Fizz Odes now launched Oh Gosh Gee Whizz! It’s up and out there shooting high ablaze across worldwideweb sky, heaps of pictos taking flight winged with blogs on an artful site, visions of the way i see the world around you n’ me


My Picto Craze

Yes quite! The countdown to the launch of this website that  has been quite a while in the dedicated making and what a wonderful website it is thank you Martin, well worth the wait! And it took me quite a while to get to grips with all the technical stuff but I think I’ve finally cracked it and so here it is and this links to a poem shaped as a rocket taking off with a blast; PictoPoetry Launched at Last! The first of many pictopoems that will link to associated blog posts on the other section of the site. Not decided as yet at what pace so do please keep dropping by and watch this space!


  1. sandie says:

    Hey Matey…what you up to now…looks exciting hun…good luck…sandie xxxxx

  2. janorama says:

    Just a little poetry project! Thanks Sandie… xxx

  3. Well done, Jan,

    Being a sucker for wallpaper, I’m in love with yours.
    You might want to add a widget so people can follow you.
    Following helps me see when people post and reminds me to check in. Gonna look around some more.
    (wordsmith from tnbw)

    • janorama says:

      The wonderful artwork is entirely the work of my web designer Martin and must agree I love it too! Not much to see in the way of poetry as yet but there will be. And yes, I am thinking of signing up to twitter or the like and will let you know if I do. Many thanks for taking a look and leaving a comment ‘wordsmith’.

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