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I spend a lot of time on The Next Big Writer site and have made some good friends there through sharing my pictopoetry and reviewing the work of other people.   I asked for a guest post from one of them Sonny, and this is what he said,

“As an incurable dyslexic unable to distinguish between art, rat, tar, and tra, I have always favoured magazines with lots of photos over those that feature the printed word. Jan Kelly’s incomparable skill has enabled me, for the first time, to share appreciation of true virtuosity with others around the world, even those who do not know English. Her artistic images make it possible for me to enjoy poetry without straining to decipher recalcitrant words.

Thanks, Jan, and heartfelt wishes for the success of your pictopoetry site.

Cheers, Sonny”

What a lovely thing to say!

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  1. janorama says:

    Your appreciation is much appreciated Sonny and thank you so much for your unflagging encouragement on TNBW.

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