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What is PictoPoetry?

It’s a poem and a picture, what else is there to say? A poem, ode or ditty containing Ideas expressed visually and in words. Most of all a PictoPoem is a brief poem that’s a lot of fun. They are unlikely to compete with the giants but that is not what they are about and they do have something to say. Janorama’s ideas combined with her word trickery is entertaining all of the time and sometimes I see a well crafted balance that falls perfectly in step with the cadence of my own thinking and resonates in some very personal way. PictoPoems will make you smile, and think and hopefully, have you coming back to the site to read the most up-to-date creations. William Yeats wrote:

O love is the crooked thing,
There is nobody wise enough
To find out all that is in it

babydoll nightieIf he’s right and none of us have the wisdom to discover all there is to know about love, it still is the case that he had a crack at describing his own thinking. It is also fair to suggest that all of us know something about it and that if we have the inclination, we can find a way to express the things that we know too. Why not! That is what I think Janorama is doing through her PictoPoetry. Some of it is frivolous like the lovely, Frilly Nightie but there are more serious topics covered such as you see in the dark undertones of domestic violence in Fearsome Face.

Lips tight Pursing
Frigging foul mouthed cursing
digging accusations, spiteful spitting rage
Abusive Blows go on rampage
sorrow on the morrow

I think that PictoPoems, serious or not, bring snippets of insight gleaned from life experience that gives a hint about the poet herself, her world view along with her openess and sense of fun.

Good Luck

I am interested in the site because I helped put it all together. I like to think of at least a few people visiting but have a secret hope that it will be a runaway success! The same for most start-ups really. The Pictopoetry is good fun and will have wide appeal. So, Good Luck Janorama! Let’s hope the site really takes off.

If you are reading this you are likely to be either my Mum or a friend.  I’m glad they are visiting but my hope is that you are a complete stranger who is here to look at the poems. You can participate whoever you are, by commenting and sharing. Please take a good look around and if you can spare a couple of minutes please add your thoughts. If you would like to get in touch with the poet directly, there’s a contact form for that very purpose.  If you have a message for me (martin) I am sure it will get passed on.

All the very best to you Janorama!


  1. Sonny says:

    As an incurable dyslexic unable to distinguish between art, rat, tar, and tra, I have always favoured magazines with lots of photos over those that feature the printed word. Jan Kelly’s incomparable skill has enabled me, for the first time, to share appreciation of true virtuosity with others around the world, even those who do not know English. Her artistic images make it possible for me to enjoy poetry without straining to decipher recalcitrant words.

    Thanks, Jan, and heartfelt wishes for the success of you pictopoetry site.

    Cheers, Sonny”

  2. janorama says:

    Thank you Martin! No words could ever thank you enough for creating this wonderful website for my poetry xx janorama

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