Facing up to Domestic Violence

Face of Domestic Violencefearsome face

Fearsome Face was an early experimentation whereby I just wanted to see whether I could ‘draw’ a face with a pictopoem. Not a pretty face admittedly, but then neither is the face of domestic violence. And okay so it is the face of a man and men are most commonly the perpitrators according to statistics but they can also be victims too. I’m really not sure why I chose to depict this particular subject but needless to say there is no excuse for any form of abuse. Thankfully there is help out there for anyone who might need it.

Sources of Help and Advice

The Police are of course a good source of help and advice and there are many other organisations ready and willing to offer support not only to victims but also to family and friends and anyone else who might have concerns; Womens Aid, World Pulse and safe4all to name but a few.

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